Because you might want to know who you will be staying with, we thought we'd write something about who we are. We are Lotte, Ruben, Koko, Diza & Neon. We have two dogs named Bickel and Lizzy and two cats named Beppie & Señor. For almost nine years we lived in the center of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Ruben used to work as a political officer at an embassy. Lotte had already quit her job as a footwear designer in 2008 to be a full-time mom. After a few years working for others, we grew more and more convinced that we wanted to spend more time together as a family and to get more out of life.
Especially after the birth of our daughter, it felt unnatural to be away from each other for five days a week. Thoughts about a more independent life kept arising. We wanted to go back to nature to live off of the land and respect it: to live a self-sufficient life. After a couple of holidays to Spain and the Sierra del Segura area we decided to take the plunge! We found the perfect spot to set up our Dome camping on a beautiful property called El Fontanar (the fountain) close to Fuente del Taíf. If you want to read more about our adventure, visit our Blog.