Did you know that Spain isn’t just a land of golden, sandy beaches?!
Although it’s a well known fact that this majestic country has a stunning range of landscapes, most people tend to head to the coasts for some ‘costa’ fun in the sun.
And while that sounds like an excellent option, it means you can have the wild forests, alpine mountains, and dry plateaus nearly all to yourself! When mentioning these great locations, one thing comes to mind: camping.

But why not go further and go glamping instead, staying in tree houses, eco domes, yurts, and gypsy wagons. Carrying on from last week’s feature on Spanish glamping sites, we’ve searched high and low for some unique and out of the way gems for a very special holiday in the sun... South eastern mountains The Sierra del Segura is a region of outstanding natural beauty.
Two and a half hours away from Alicante, the surrounding area offers unspoiled scenery, clean air, forested hills, and medieval towns built between mountains. And with natural scenery comes a host of activities.
With 2000 kilometres of mountain bike trails, cyclists will find it a dream. And asphalt roads are great for those who don’t like the bump and grind of rocky paths.
Walk over the Vias Verdes – old disused railway lines that have been recovered for adventure purposes.
Or just try and spot illusive mammals and reptiles, like wild boar, lizards, and deer.
The region is also great for bird watching, with owls, hawks, golden eagles, and kingfishers in abundance. You can experience this wonderland for yourself at Otro Mundo, set atop centuries-old terraced land formerly used for agriculture.
The campsite has two eco-domes equipped with bathrooms, and includes plush beds and white washed interiors.
Head to the markets of Elche de la Sierra for produce, and tour the fortress and beautiful streets of Yeste by day. Clear blue rivers like the el Mundo flow through wooden valleys, and the area is dotted with ancient cave paintings and Arabic towers.
But if you don’t feel like exploring you can always just relax outside with stunning views from the terraced campsite.
The owners even advise you do that! These destinations are great for a romantic holiday, family adventure, or relaxing trip with some good friends.
And with the weather being sunny and hot, you might even catch a tan!